Instructions for use Micinorm

Cream Micinorm easy to apply. After him there is left greasy marks on clothes. Therefore, its use at any time of the day. In the drug container embedded instruction.

Instructions for use of the cream Micinorm

Should be applied to a structure damaged area and rub with massage movements. Accurately allocate bio of the tool on the surface of the surface of the nail or the skin, the grabbing of the healthy zone. When applied, it is recommended to use the tip of the fingers or applicator. The course Micinorm is of seven days. After five days, you can repeat the treatment to achieve the best efficiency.

For prevention apply disposable after the visit to the sauna, the swimming pool, the solarium. As well as a gym and public places, where there is the possibility of picking mushrooms.

Positive qualities Micinorm

The cream is recommended to people who suffer from mycosis of any kind. In the manifestation of the following signs and symptoms requires immediate therapy:

  1. The bad smell of shoes and feet.
  2. Final No itching of the skin.
  3. The thickening and the yellowness of the nails.
  4. To prevent corns, the unemployment, the education in them, the calluses and cracks.
  5. The hair loss in the areas of localization of the injury.
  6. The appearance of pink and reddish spots on the face and body.
  7. The inflammation and flaking of the stop and the fingers of the hands.
  8. The appearance in the hairline of the head of the itching and the dandruff.
  9. Neoplasms in the form of small ulcers and vesicles that are scratched.


According to multiple clinical studies, examinations and tests that the drug Micinorm it is completely safe for the health. That does not produce allergic reactions and side effects. But in some cases, the receipt of the bio cream is not desirable:

Intolerance of individual components. Allergic reactions to the components. Children's age up to three years.

Before using the fungicide product, it is recommended to consult a doctor. We will give you professional advice and adjust the schema of the application if necessary.